Created by a Provider for Providers,
to improve the healthcare system.



OTTO aims to improve communication between patients and their caregivers. Much of the anxiety and frustration that exists in the current healthcare system stems from a lack of timely and effective communication.

It is our mission to use current technologies to promote communication and to quickly provide answers to health concerns. We also realize the importance of the traditional patient-doctor relationship. Facilitating a connection between patients and their local familiar care networks improves patient compliance and health outcomes. We believe that our enhanced healthcare delivery platform will result in a significant reduction in overall costs as well as improved patient and provider satisfaction.


OTTO Health believes in the value of partnerships in Healthcare. We subscribe to the notion that everything and everyone is interconnected in Healthcare, and we should approach our business the same way. If you wish to talk to us about a potential partnership or idea, please reach out to us.


Executive Team

Michael Guese.jpg
Michael Guese, M.D.
Founder / Chairman
Evan Frankel.jpg
Evan Frankel
President / CEO
Grant Lunney.jpg
Grant Lunney
Chief Strategy Officer
John Norton.jpg
John Norton
Chief Operating Officer / Co-Founder
Rebecca Stavros.jpg
Rebecca Stavros
Chief Financial Officer

Company Advisors

Joe Swedish.jpg
Joe Swedish
President / CEO & Chairman - Anthem
Mike Fordyce.jpg
Mike Fordyce
President / CEO, Craig Hospital - Denver, CO