Accessible, Affordable, 
Local Telehealth.


Why Telehealth

The average wait time to see your primary care physician is 18.5 days. $155 is the steep cost of an urgent care visit. $577 is the even steeper cost of an ER visit. 71% of ER visits are avoidable and/or unnecessary. Moreover, overhead in healthcare isn't going away. OTTO allows both the patient and provider to reduce costs, in travel and time commitment via easy-to-use Telehealth consults.


How easy is it?

Once you sign up for an account with our secure system, you can either set up a profile or see a physician right away. You can search for your doctors by name and add them to your Care Team. If they are unavailable, their associated physicians who are available, can see you right away. If you'd rather wait for your physician, you can schedule an appointment online for a time that works for you.


When is it appropriate?

Did you know many problems discussed during doctor's visits can be diagnosed without further testing? With OTTO, the treatment process for these medical problems is more efficient. There are a variety of areas of your practice that can be converted to Telehealth visits. OTTO has a lot of experience working with Providers to identify the best opportunities to convert traditional face-to-face consults to remarkably easy and comfortable virtual visits.