OTTO Patient FAQs

From time to time, there can be issues that arise when using the OTTO application, either through the web or iOS application. The following information is designed to help quickly diagnose and solve common issues that may arise from using the telehealth application. As with any issue a user may face, please do not hesitate to contact OTTO directly through our support tools for help.


On Computer

On iOS Application

Patient has connectivity issues with seeing/hearing telehealth consult

Is the patient on Wi-Fi or on a hard-wired connection (for computers, if hard-wired connection is available, it is recommended)

Is the patient connecting on 3/4G or are they using Wi-Fi? If not close to Wi-Fi router, OTTO recommends using 3/4G connection to access the OTTO application

Patient has microphone issues and cannot be heard

Has the patient enabled access to the microphone and camera inside of their browser? (dropdown inside of URL bar – select “Allow”)

Has the patient turned up the volume on their iOS device?

Is there a headset or other device connected to the audio-out on the device?

Patient is having troubles connecting to video

Has the patient accessed OTTO on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser?

Has the patient enabled their webcam inside of the telehealth exam room?

Patient has choppy voice or video connection

Is the patient running any other high-bandwidth applications on their computer? It is recommended that if connection issues exist, patients exit out of other applications and browser windows.

Patient should try to move closer to Wi-Fi router if possible, or if on public or unknown Wi-Fi, change to 3/4G connection on their device.

Patient cannot connect to OTTO services

Has the patient run regular updates on their Operating System (Windows, Mac OS, for example)?

Has the patient updated their Apple iOS version?

Patient logs into a telehealth room, but cannot access the video/audio component

Has the patient entered a previous appointment or room? Has the patient cleared their cache/deleted cookies? For Chrome: On Browser toolbar, click “More”. Tap History and then tap “Clear Browsing Data”. Under “Clear Browsing Data”, select the checkboxes for Cookies and site data and Cached Images and Files”

In the iOS application, cache and cookies are not used.

Patient has forgotten log-in information

On the OTTO website, click “Log In” from the home page, then click “Forgot Password”. Enter email address tied to account and then click “Recover Password”. An email with instructions on re-setting password will be immediately sent.

Open the OTTO app, click “Forgot Password” and enter email address to have the account’s password retrieved.

Patient does not see any available providers upon logging in

Has patient added clinic-specific Access PIN to their Profile. To do so, click Profile and add PIN and click Save.

Has patient added clinic-specific Access PIN to their Profile. To do so, click Profile and add PIN and click Save.